There are four categories of students eligible for admission to the Herefordshire Pupil Referral Service (HPRS).  Priority placements are first allocated to Herefordshire pupils.  An Information Passport (see below) is required to be filled in by the host school, with relevant supporting documentation, whatever the entry criteria and directed to the Head of KS3 or KS4.  Once received HPRS will evaluate the referral against the entry criteria. This is discussed at the monthly PRU Forum meeting, which consists of the Head Teachers of Brookfield School and HPRS, as well as the Head of KS3 and the Assistant Head of HHTT. If a decision needs to be made urgently, this can be done through a telephone discussion between the PRU Forum membership.


Full details of our Entry Criteria and admissions process can be found here (PDF)

The latest version of our Information Passport (required for all referrals) can be downloaded here (Word)