Talented Poet Here at St David’s

november 2017 026


In February, one of our talented creative writers from Year 11, Jessica Strachan, entered a very prestigious poetry competition for young poets: The 18th Christopher Tower Poetry Competition. The theme this year was ‘Secrets’; you can find Jess’ entry below. It was also published at her recent exhibition of poetry at the Courtyard Theatre, Hereford.

Locked Book

There is a locked book,

Full of secret poetry from a girl’s messed up mind.

The front cover illustration is a face

With the biggest joyful smile.

But the eyes are dull.

Like they ain’t ever real.

Everyone has guessed the smile hides

The sorrow in the eyes.

The back of the book is different.

No illustration.

Words made from self-inflicted scars.

Punctuation made from abusive bruises.

No one can seem to understand it.

Until one day…

A girl came along

Picked up the book.

Looked at the dull eyes.

The scars.

And a tear dropped from her cheek

On to the book.

Then it opened.

The book was hers.

All her subconscious thoughts have been

Locked away.

Now she is free.