Our Values

St David’s Conduct

Our code of conduct and set of skills is for everyone that teaches and learns at the centre and is there to make our place of work one in which we treat each other with respect.

The St David’s Code

  • We speak to each other with respect
  • We allow teachers to teach and learners to learn
  • We are peaceful and avoid physical confrontation
  • We respect the centre and the property of others
  • We follow the St David’s code when offsite.

Autumn TermCLM79_webimage
1st Half – Co-operation
2nd Half – Acceptance
Spring Term
1st Half – Responsibility
2nd Half – Determination
Summer Term
1st Half – Love
2nd Half – Tolerance
Autumn Term
1st Half – Respect
2nd Half – Happiness
Spring Term
1st & 2nd Half – Courage
Summer Term
1st Half – Trust
2nd Half – Hope