Highly Commended Award for Students at St David’s Centre.

If you happened to be in Hereford’s Old Market complex on Saturday you will have been lucky enough to see a range of festive stalls, all set up by young people from across the schools and colleges of Hereford in conjunction with Young Enterprise.

One such stall came from St David’s Centre, showing great success with a range of festive gifts pulling in the punters to make an excellent profit. The profits will now be used to further build the schools Young Enterprise Company, aptly named: Funk the Junk; as it takes what most would consider junk and upcycles it to produce fantastic gifts for all tastes; young and old.

Six of our students from Years 10 and 11 supported the day; joining in with a range of activities, ranging from the set-up of the stall to selling items to the general public. The students played a huge part in the success of the day which resulted in them winning an overall Highly Commended award from Young Enterprise for their stall!

The students represented themselves and the school really positively and we are immensely proud of them.