Believing that change can happen!behaviour

Here at St David’s Centre our ethos is to build effective relationships, develop trust through nurturing and mentoring; leading students to succeed as rounded citizens prepared to live life in modern Britain.

Behaviour at St David’s Centre is good. We use an electronic grading system called Behaviour Watch.

Every lesson, and around the Centre during the day, pupils are rewarded for following the Code—see the points table below:


Points achieved through the year add up to specific rewards:


As well as these awards, we have a weekly behaviour raffle where pupils can win a £5 voucher to spend as they like—everyone who has scored a Grade 1 or 2 that week is included.

We also run fortnightly reward trips and activities, such as bowling or a trip to the cinema, for our top point scorers and pupils

Students who attend St David’s Centre have each experienced their own set of problems that have contributed to the type of behaviour that they display. Until these problems have been addressed it is extremely difficult to achieve academic objectives. We therefore believe that teaching the skills of self-discipline, co-operation, respect and tolerance is an essential part of the curriculum.

It is vital that all dealings with students related to behaviour management are based on good relationships and trust.

Our success should be tested not by the absence of problems, but the way we deal with them.

Please see our policy: