All our pupils are unable to attend main stream education for one reason or another. We work with you to provide the best education we can to allow them to go onto become successful adults.
We receive our referrals from your consultant paediatrician or from your CAMHs consultant. If you have any questions about access to our service please contact the SEN team at the Local Authority.


Our pupils do not wear uniform. Please ensure that if they are taught at home or come to one of our classroom that they are dressed appropriately for learning.

    Teachers Names

Pupils call us by our first names. The atmosphere is informal and pupils are encouraged to feel relaxed and at ease with us.


It is not our policy to give homework. If a pupil has course work or exam work to be completed this is decided with the teacher concerned.


If your child is educated in one of our classrooms snacks and lunch must be provided to ensure hunger does not get in the way of learning. We can provide snacks in emergencies but this carries a cost of £2. A variety of drinks and biscuits are freely available.

    Questions and Concerns

Please call us any time to discuss any concern or question you may have. We are a team and we are all working for the wellbeing of our young people, so we want you to make contact with us to discuss any issue that is on your mind.