About Us


Our Values

We understand that physical and mental health issues can have a fundamental impact on learning and achievement. What ever difficulties you experience which prevent you from attending main stream education, we are here to support you.

As a team we work to create a positive and empowering ethos that supports you to achieve. That achievement is not only academic but also we encourage you to develop emotional resilience, self-esteem and confidence.

Anyone who has missed substantial amounts of education may need support to communicate with peers; build relationships and develop into individuals that have the skills to become successful members of society.

Referrals are received from CAMHs or a Paediatric Consultant providing details of any health or mental health issues. Using the information from the referral and information from the school, we work to identify the most appropriate provision for your child.


  • Referrals are sent through to us from a Consultant Psychiatrist at CAMHS or from a Consultant Paediatrician from Herefordshire Hospital. Information is sought from the school that the referee attends. An information passport is competed by the school to clarify that they are seeking support from the H3 team.
    Following a referral the school has three options:If the school feels that they still have a variety of strategies to try to impact on the child’s mental health and attendance, they will manage the pupil’s referral themselves.
  • To maintain the pupil on role at the school whilst attending the H3 provision. Where this occurs the school remains responsible for the curriculum, providing work and course materials for teaching to take place. The school also retains responsibility for entering pupil’s for exams and their outcomes are reflected in the schools results. This is the most frequent option taken by schools. Tuition is provided whilst there is an ongoing medical need or the pupil is supported by CAMHS.
  • To transfer the pupil to HPRS. This option is used when there is no viable alternative or if the school chooses to seek an HPRS place because they feel it is in the best interests of the child  to be singly registered with the HPRS, who will then manage all aspects of the pupil’s education.