Pies, puddings and pastries

This is a great option choice for a Wednesday afternoon and is limited to 3 students because of the space and equipment constraints in our kitchen so it is one that fills very quickly every half term.

Unlike food technology, the emphasis is not as focussed on healthy eating but on the enjoyment of cooking and making the occasional treat for friends and family (if they aren’t eaten long before they get home!)









Ingredients are provided by the Centre so that all students have the opportunity to try new and different foods and flavours than they might ordinarily have at home.  Students are then able to take them home at no extra cost but it is helpful if they remember to bring a container to take the foods home.

Recently a group of 3 boys experimented with a variety of toppings for pre-made pizza bases and saw how easily and cheaply this could be done.  They then shared out their creations and all the other students and staff enjoyed an end of the day snack.  The following week we used a ice cream maker to make strawberry ice cream and our own interpretation of Rocky Road.  Our final week of the rotation gave us the chance to use a crepe maker and make customised crepes to share with staff and students.

The Aconbury Centre

A warm welcome to The Aconbury Centre. Working as part of Herefordshire’s Pupil Referral Service .