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The Aconbury Centre
Summer Term Newsletter 2018

Message from the Head-teacher
As another jam-packed term comes to a close, we can start to look back and reflect on what we have learned. So many students have made excellent progress in their academic lessons and illustrated how they can effectively put into practice our values system.
Well done all!

The Weeping Window
Hereford has been a very popular and busy city over the past few months. The commemorative poppy exhibition, initially at The Tower of London, visited Hereford. The poppies looked stunning!

We all took a walk up to the Cathedral to view the poppies. We then went on and walked along by the river, around the fields by Bartonsham dairies and back to the Centre.


Ledbury Poetry Festival
This year Raymond Antrobus, an old friend of our Centre, visited again as part of the Ledbury Poetry Festival. We worked on the metaphor machine and then the students composed some inspired hyperbolic (much exaggerated) poetry.

I gazed on the clarity and divinity Ocean with a trident and a faithful mind.
I am a God, blazing with anger, you can’t fight me.
For a Birthday present I created a spell to give me legs.
I gave emotions for power, my energy flows ever on.
My son is somewhere out in the dark oceans.
I stood dead and the peak of the ocean, on my castle.

Year 9

Pancake Day 13th. February 2018
Students used their maths lessons to make and eat pancakes to mark Shrove Tuesday. They had a great time learning about ratio and were able to increase and decrease the amounts of ingredients in order to make the amount of pancakes ordered by students and staff in the time available – a brilliant skill for life!

Schools Art Expo Exhibition

At the beginning of the year we took part in the Schools Expo exhibition. Work was shown from Blu, Rob, Dylan, Jamie, Courtney, Jay, Alfie and Kyle. All these students should feel very proud.

Growing Local
We have been visiting Tillington Fruit farm under the growing local scheme. Students have been invited along and work really hard looking after the fruit and vegetables and helping with the animals.

Boxing, Taster Session.
Our year 9 students were invited to a taster session at the Hinton Centre. They worked with professionals, including an ex-prison guard and one of the trainers for the GB team.
The attitude and behaviour of our students so impressed the professionals that they have been invited back to the Hinton Centre every Tuesday for regular sessions.

How to Save a Life
In Science lessons this term students have been learning how to save a life.

This means they have learnt how to place a casualty in the recovery position and how to perform cardio pulmonary resuscitation.
We are changing the way we look at our school values. Rather than focussing on one value each month, we are looking to promote all of our values all of the time. The school values are:

Respect; Tolerance; Perseverance; Kindness; Cooperation; Courage; Understanding; Friendship; Appreciation; Resilience and Positivity.

We have a tree growing in the Central area, the leaves detail values which students have demonstrated. The tree will continue to grow and hopefully be covered with leaves very soon.

As you can see, it’s growing nicely.

In textile lessons, Year 8 having been learning how to do paper piecing and produced fish cushions which they have embellished in whatever way they want.

Dan and Drew should feel very proud of the work they have produced.

School Uniform
Just a gentle reminder that we do require all students to wear proper school uniform, black trousers (not jeans), a polo shirt, white or the colour of your school and a black jumper or fleece, without a logo or label.

Healthy Lunches
The Aconbury Centre has a strong healthy school ethos.
All students are offered breakfast: toast and crumpets with a choice of toppings, and juice or tea. This is now free for all students.
We provide fresh fruit at lunchtime and would ask all students to bring a healthy lunch. An ideal lunch would be: a sandwich, maybe a yoghurt and one small snack, which may be chocolate or crisps.

An additional snack may be brought in to eat at break time.

We hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing summer break and look forward to seeing some, not all, of you back here in September.

We wish all of our year 9’s the best of luck and every success as they move on to their next school.

Autumn Term dates
Autumn Term – 5th September to 21st. December
Half-term – 29th October to 2nd November.

The Aconbury Centre
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