This is something that is heard in lots or classrooms across the UK but it doesn’t have to be like that!
Maths is like any skill which can be developed through practice and actually “doing it” rather than copying questions from textbooks continually. At Aconbury we try to make maths a “hands on” as possible and hope that by making it relevant and interesting that it will help the concepts stick – who wouldn’t remember a lesson if it entailed cutting up pizzas into specific fractions?



Maths is also a subject that we cannot afford to ignore and rather than hide from it we encourage students to give it a go and become better at it. Whilst most students have a calculator on their phone it makes sense to be able to use it properly and understand the answers they get.



With money tight and household bills rising isn’t it essential to be able to make sure that you are being paid the correct amount for any work you do and not paying too much tax? How can you work out the best deal from the huge amount of deals on line if you don’t understand that a saving of 20% actually means?



Building 3D models of shapes helps reinforce maths concepts but is also fun if you are using cocktail sticks and midget gem sweets – and it makes it easier to remember because you associate lesson in your brain alongside your memory of getting sweets – what is not to like with that?


Most important of all is trying to have fun learning new concepts and with class sizes small and TA assistance in all lessons there is every opportunity to do as many practical lessons as possible whether it be model making, quizzes and competitions, maths problem solving and group work.