ICT and Media

We are lucky at Aconbury to have access to fantastic facilities for IT and computing. We aim to promote positive use of the internet and have clear rules for students using the computers in school.
Our unit on internet safety allows the students to understand how we can keep ourselves safe online. The students learnt about their digital footprint; “a digital footprint is a copy of everything you do or say online ” (Jamie- year 9). The students understood that what they do online could negatively impact their future. The students all agreed they wanted their digital footprint to show them in their best light.

We also look at data, exploring how to extract certain data using spreadsheet or excel. We complete a unit of work where the students are investigators and have an array of databases to extract information from in order to solve the crime ! The students really enjoy this and it gives them an understanding of how careers could involve using their computing and IT skills.