Read, dream and create – this is at the heart of what we do. English should be seen as an explorative, fun and imaginative subject where pupils are inspired through literature.


Pupils will self-evaluate their learning at the end of each half-term, giving them a sense of ownership towards their work and allowing them to contribute to their own assessment. Peer assessment is also used, this allows pupils to show support and respect to other pupils whilst also building upon their resilience to feedback. We ensure that each pupil’s needs are met through identifying and building upon their skills, where necessary putting interventions in place and enabling each pupil to work to the best of their ability.
We focus on a different topic/text every half term. Each termly focus gives the pupils opportunities to complete a wide range of tasks from newspaper reports to some heated (but fun) debates in the classroom! This varied approach to the subject allows pupils to see the true fluidity of English and how it can expand our way of thinking and the way we learn.

As you can see, staff and pupils take pride in our work and this is evident in our displays.


Outside professionals such as poets or writers also visit the Centre to work with and inspire students to be creative and build confidence. If appropriate, drama can be used to help explore ideas linked to the work being covered.


We continually strive to change pupil’s misconceptions that they have around the subject of English, encouraging them to see how literature and language is an integral part of our lives and a way of expressing ourselves to others.
This year we welcomed poet Adam Kettering and he helped us to explore masculine stereotypes. Here are some of the poems the pupils produced.