DT and Art and Craft



“Why do we need to learn this?” is something that all school staff hear all the time but this is rarely the case with Design Technology.

Design Technology is a wonderful subject both to teach and to learn because it covers so many different skills which are all invaluable for life after school – and, our students love it.

Students are taught in small groups with a maximum size or 3 students to one adult so we are able to use all equipment with supervision.  The students have the chance to cover at least 2 of these subjects if they are on a 12 week intervention placement or more if they are with us for longer because they change on a termly rotation.

Resistant materials gives the students the opportunity to design and make a number of exciting projects such as their original designs for clocks, seasonal items such as Christmas decorations and bird tables.

So many lovely new skills to learn and opportunities to build on skills that already exist – what is there not to be excited about in DT???



Art and Craft – students have been designing figures using wire and paper in the style of the artist Giacommetti.



They have also been designing and making their own mirrors.